Anh P. Nguyen, PhD

Scientific Research Associate

Anh P. Nguyen, PhD, is a Scientific Research Associate at the Institute for Health Research. His research integrates sociology, epidemiology, and health services to understand health disparities , identify barriers to timely and quality care, and improve the well-being of vulnerable populations, such as socioeconomically disadvantaged, criminal justice involved, and substance use affected individuals. He also has interests in research methods for causal inference with observational data.  

Dr. Nguyen completed his doctoral training in Sociology at the University of Michigan. He has conducted research on insurance instability and mortality in patients with opioid use disorder, the family consequences of prescription opioid access, and overdose mortality among criminal justice populations. He is currently leading research to assess racial/ethnic and gender health disparities among opioid exposed populations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Selected Research:

  • Evaluating Health and Healthcare Disparities among Patients with Chronic Pain and Opioid Use Disorder amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
  • This study assesses health and healthcare disparities in opioid exposed populations across three health systems.

    • Funder: National Institute on Drug Abuse
    • Study End Date: 12/31/2022

  • Assessing Disparities in COVID-19 Vulnerabilities and Vaccination by Race / Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status
  • This study examines medical and social factors that contribute to disparities in COVID-19 outcomes.

    • Funder: STAR
    • Award End Date: 12/31/2021

  • Development and Validation of a Predictive Model of Severe COVID-19 Illness and Mortality
  • In collaboration with operations partners, this project aims (1) to develop and validate a predictive model of severe COVID-19 illness and (2) to identify high-risk and unvaccinated members.   

    • Funder: IMPROVE
    • Award End Date: 12/31/2021